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Here at Kazap, we develop digital products and services for the web, mobile platforms and Smart TVs.

We are proud to have been one of the first companies in Sao Paulo to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, and Android. Over the past 6 years, we've developed a number of successful apps, some with more than 700.000 downloads! and we are just getting started...

We can help you understand social media, and how your company can make the most of the opportunities available. So, here's a bit more detail about who we are and what we do...

We’re based in Brazil (though we have staff in the UK who will be your guides and gurus). Brazil is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. We are pioneers in tech solutions, and Sao Paulo state has the best tech universities in Latin America. Kazap’s founders and all our employees studied in world famous universities like UNICAMP, PUCCAMP and FATEC.

What’s more, despite being highly skilled, qualified and experienced, the labour force in Sao Paulo provides incredible value compared with labour in Britain and other European Markets. We incorporate open source tools and tech when it meets our high standards, helping manage costs without compromising on quality.

Why choose Kazap?

Delivering results

For us, working in perfect harmony with our clients and partners comes naturally. This means not just understanding the background to your needs, and the market in which you operate, but working with you to develop strategies and solutions which best meet your needs. Our dedicated staff will work with you every step of the way. First, we’ll get to know you and your business. Then, we’ll get to know and understand your idea. We won’t tell you what your idea is or should be; we’ll listen to you, and work with you. Then, we’ll make it happen! Our goal is to provide you with amazing results.

User experience

Our clients invariably want an app or website that genuinely reflects everything they and their company stand for, and that’s what we help them achieve. It’s not enough to have quality content – it is all for nothing if it’s hidden behind gimmicky graphics or an unnatural user experience. Engaging with your content has to be an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Your website or app should be a window into your business, or – better still – an open door. Apart from the highly impressive and advanced Code that is the beating heart of our applications and software, we deliver a rich user experience, that’s easy and satisfying to use.

Why Brazil?

Brazil is booming.  We have a buzzing economy – it’s now the world’s 8th largest economy. Our thriving economy means we are attracting (and retaining) even more high quality individuals and investment than ever before.

Brazil’s mobile market is the 4th largest in the world – home to more than one third of all mobile users in Latin America and the Caribbean. In fact, there are more than 283,000,000 mobiles in use (May 2015), and more than 40% of those use mobile apps! In Brazil, more than 88,000,000 people have internet access (75,000,000 have broadband).

Over 70,500,000 Brazilians have a Facebook profile (3rd in the world)…and that’s a LOT, even compared to the UK’s 33,000,000+ (6th in the world). On Twitter, over 14,200,000 Brazilians are active users.

Brazil has the 3rd largest market for online shopping in the world. 84% of all women who have internet access in Brazil shop online!

And these figures are growing every day.

Our main aim is to help your business in the UK (and throughout the world online), but if you’re based in the UK and want to invest in the cutting edge Brazilian market, we certainly have the expertise to help you with that too!

We love to be Agile

Our main goal is to maintain a great communication channel with our customers. Our results always surpass clients' expectations, we work outside the box, but inside the deadlines! The quality of our products is exceptional.

To achieve this, we follow the Agile SCRUM methodology to the letter.  Our clients become part of the development process (in a good way!). We update you at all the key stages, allowing you to watch the growth of your new baby.